Sell your Games, Controllers or Consoles!


The guide shows you how much we buy 2nd hand items, consoles, games, and peripherals from customers that want to sell their toys.

Basically we multiply our 2ndhand selling price by the buying percentage value in order to arrive at the final buying price.

  • CIB – means that the unit is in very good quality and is Complete In Box. All Manuals and inserts must be complete and in good physical condition.
  • Good Condition – item is of high quuality both physically and in good gaming conditions.
  • Average Condition – item has a few minor scratches, in totality still pleasing to the eye, w/o box, missing a few manuals and in GOOD GAMING CONDITION.
  • Poor Condition – item has above average scratches, tears in labels, stickers, or is in not its complete packaging. Poor items MUST still be in GOOD WORKING CONDITION. WE “DO NOT” BUY NONE WORKING/DEFECTIVE ITEMS.

  • We only buy consoles as sets or bundles. This means consoles must have all the required peripherals for it to work properly.
  • For unit only sales kindly attach picture of actual unit to the form below and wait for further appraisal.
  • For games thorough inspection is needed. We will test your game and make sure it is in very good condition
  • We only buy U.S. or English Games. NO JAPANESE PLEASE. We will only buy JAP games if it is included in a console bundle.

Fill out the form to get an estimated buying price for your item.